Looking back to the past for the future: An entrepreneurial journey of Japanese small traditional inn under COVID-19

SEKI, Tomohiro (Doshisha University)

This paper describes how SMEs have tried to overcome the situation under COVID-19, which is different from the crises/adversities that have been mainly examined so far, from the perspective of the entrepreneurial process as a journey (bricolage or resilience), using a specific case of a long-lived SME and an entrepreneur in the accommodation industry in Kyoto, Japan. Under COVID-19, although the company had to close its business for several months, it will be revealed that firstly the bricolage responses by the entrepreneur were “everyday” ones and the “everyday” management attitude was the background that made them possible and that secondly the human resource challenges that the company had before the crises/adversities, the experiences and knowledge of the entrepreneur or organization, and the distance-relationship with the entrepreneur are rediscovered and utilized in a way that reflects on the past, and they leads to practice bricolage responses and to demonstrate resilience.